St Anthonys Catholic School
Friday, June 14, 2024

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Employment at SAS


Standards for Certificated Employees:

Business OfficeCertificated staff must possess a Bachelors Degree with either a major or minor in the area of instruction or with evidence of credit in their educational background to justify their teaching assignments.

It is expected that all certificated staff either hold or are working toward a California Teaching Credential, an approved Masters Degree, or the Archdiocesan Religion Teacher Certification;

Certificated staff should strive for continual professional growth particularly in contemporary approaches of instruction and methodology by attending in services, workshops and conferences.


The duties of teachers fall into two categories:

Implementing school rules and policies;

Supervising the learning and safety of students.

Teachers are expected to exhibit professional standards of attendance, punctuality, grooming, language, preparation, behavior, and relationship to students as both an adult example and member of a Faith Community;

Certificated staff must develop an understanding of the goals and objectives of the
entire school program as well as their role in implementing the school's mission;

Certificated staff members accept that the classroom, while the major focus of their work, is only part of their responsibility to supervise and be present to the student body.

Teachers are expected to honor confidentiality in professional communications.

Teachers in all academic subjects are to require students to meet acceptable standards of good English, including correct spelling, proper sentence structure, appropriate vocabulary, neatness, correct punctuation, etc. Teachers should follow the rubrics of the English Department.

Teachers are to maximize the use of class time. There is no free time. All classroom study is to be directed and carefully observed by the instructor with appropriate personal help provided.

No Employment opportunities available at this time.