Faculty Profiles

Elizabeth Jackson

Third Grade

“Adults are only kids grown-up, anyway.”

-Walt Disney

Elizabeth Jackson



Loyola Marymount University
Master’s Degree in Education
Multiple Subject Teaching Credential

Santa Clara University
                                        Bachelor of Science, Liberal Studies

Personal History:

My name is Elizabeth Jackson and I am thrilled to be the 3rd grade teacher here at St. Anthony’s School. Each year, I feel blessed to have the responsibility of educating a new batch of students who have limitless potential. To be able to watch students grow in their knowledge, personalities, and faith which brings me immense happiness. My greatest passion as an educator is reading, and each year I look forward to continuing to cultivate a love of books in my students that other teachers before me have started. My husband, Mark, is also a teacher in Ventura County, and we have both enjoyed sharing the experience of education with one another over the past ten years. Outside of the classroom, you can find us hiking, gardening, or playing board games with our family.

I look forward to all of the adventures that this school year will bring!