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Medical, Health and Safety

Medical/Dental Appointments

When possible, doctor and dental appointments should be made outside of school hours. If it is necessary for a child to be excused during school time, please send a note to the teacher informing him/her at what time you will pick up your child. Present yourself at the school office where your child will meet you. At this time, you must follow the sign in/out procedure. Do not go directly to the classroom or tell your child to meet you at the car. When returning from a medical appointment, the child should present a note from the doctor/dentist to the teacher. A parent/guardian or designated adult must sign the student out and into school for all appointments. Medical appointments are not counted as absences if the student brings a statement from the doctor noting the time and length of the appointment.

Health Policies

Immunization: Immunization documentation is required for all students. Health form questionnaires are included in the registration package as well as in the first family envelope and must be filled out and returned immediately. All incoming Kindergarteners and First Graders are required to present proof of a health check-up and required immunizations. In addition to previous inoculations, students for Seventh Grade and Kindergarten must have three (3) doses of Hepatitis B vaccine before entry to Seventh Grade or Kindergarten (as of August 1999). Students who have never attended school in California must present a Mantoux (PPD) T. B. Skin Test.

Illness at School: When children become seriously ill or injured at school, parents are contacted.  Please be sure your child's emergency card includes current phone numbers of nearby friends or relatives who could come for your child quickly if you cannot be reached. Please do not send your SAS student to school sick. This only spreads the infection and the ill child cannot work up to par when feeling under the weather.

Medication: Medical treatment is the responsibility of the parent and the family physician. Simple first aid will be provided for an injured child. Parents will be called to pick up a child who is injured or ill. According to California state law and directives of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Department of Catholic Schools, no medication of any kind, prescribed or non-prescribed, may be administered at the school by school personnel without the appropriate consent forms. These forms require the signatures of both the parent/guardian and attending physician.

Security and Safety Procedures

School Safety Rules

At SAS, teachers and students will determine classroom rules that will promote a positive learning environment. In addition, there are school rules that provide each child a safe environment outside the classroom. Teachers will handle rule infractions and communicate with parents whenever it is deemed necessary. The principal will be kept informed on all serious discipline matters. In cases of chronic infractions of the rules, the teachers, parents, and principal will work with the student in an effort to eliminate the unacceptable behavior. Chronic infractions may warrant the use of behavior contracts and/or probation, suspension, expulsion. Certain rule infractions or unacceptable behaviors may result in suspension or expulsion, according to the guidelines published by the Archdiocesan Department of Catholic Schools.

Emergency Card

Emergency cards kept on file with the school must be accurate and up-to-date. Contact the school office immediately when changes occur. Be sure that all persons listed can be contacted and are willing to assist when needed. Each family must have on file in the school office a completed emergency card that includes: The names of two (2) persons who may be contacted in the event neither parent can be reached. If there are changes in address, employment or phone numbers promptly notify the school office in writing (use the change of address/employment/emergency contact information form found in the forms section of the handbook.) Emergency card must be up-to-date for your child's protection.

In the event of a regional emergency, students will be kept in the safest place on the school grounds until a parent or authorized representative as specified on your emergency card signs them out. No student can be released to any adult not listed on the emergency card without the signed consent of the parent/guardians.

Fire and Earthquake Drills are conducted regularly at school to prepare students to respond confidently and calmly in the event of an emergency.

Earthquake Emergency Plan

In the event of an earthquake during school hours, the following will occur:

  • Student Drop-Cover-Hold on to desk legs
  • Listen for teacher command
  • Evacuate when building stops moving
  • Go to assigned clear field area
  • Be calm, remain quiet and listen

Parent Do not telephone the school; the lines will be needed for emergency use.

  • Tune into your radio.
  • When you come to the school to pick up your child, go to the checkout release station located on the playground. School staff will have you sign out your child.
    Report to person with Master List in school assembly area.
  • To ensure the safety and orderly dismissal of students, school gates will be locked.
  • Volunteer assistance at site, if you are able.
  • Remain calm and orderly – set an example for the students.

Note: All students will be held in supervised areas until they are signed out by a parent or other
authorized adult listed on emergency card. Teachers and staff will remain with the students until
all students have been released.

Absence (Truancy)

When a student has been absent from school, the State of California requires a written excuse signed by the parent or legal guardian. Please include the dates and the reason of the absence. A note from a doctor is necessary in cases of communicable diseases. A note from a dentist or doctor following a morning/afternoon appointment is acceptable.

If your child is going to be absent, please call the school office (805-487-5317) between 7:45 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. each day of the absence or leave a message on the answering machine. Students who are absent from school are not to participate or attend any school sponsored activities that day. If a student is absent for fifteen (15) or more days during a quarter marking period, official grades will be withheld, unless the work and tests are made up (Administrative Handbook, Archdiocese of Los Angeles).

Long-Term Absences: For a planned absence, please send a written note to the child's teacher as
soon as you know your student will miss school. Also indicate if you intend to pick up the child's
homework prior to the date of the absence.