St Anthonys Catholic School
Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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Lunch & Hot Lunch Program

Children bring their own lunches and (in fair weather) eat outdoors. A healthy snack for recess time may be included in each child's lunch. This practice is encouraged for all students, Pre-School through Eighth, as students often need some additional energy in the middle of the morning. Candy, gum and caffeinated soft drinks are not permitted. We encourage students to bring reusable or recyclable containers to minimize waste. Late lunches, with names written on them, should be brought to the Office by 8:30 a.m. (not taken to the student) and placed on the cart outside the main office with the students name and grade on it. Lunches will not be delivered to the students, but students are aware that they can check in the Office at lunch time (not during class time) to pick up their late lunch. In consideration of their classmates, students are strongly discouraged from having "fast food" meals delivered to them at school.

Hot Lunch Program

Monday through Friday are "Hot Lunch Day".  Hot Lunch is provided to all students at a nominal cost. Choices, choices!  From fresh salads and wraps to cheese pizza and everything in between, Choicelunch offers choices for all palates. Students may bring their own lunch if they prefer.  Click on link below to order.